Blue Coast Mosaics – Cornwall

Blue Coast Mosaics is a small business based in the heart of Cornwall, UK. We create mosaic designs, ranging in a variety of colours and shapes. We are inspired by our stunning scenery and local Cornish coasts with every creation. Check out our current stock of magnets and hanging decor – keep an eye out as we are always updating our product ranges.

All of our designs are individually handmade, one-of-a-kind and unique to you.

Blue Coast Mosaics can also add a personal touch to your mosaic’s design at your request just head over to our About page for more information.

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Check out our range of magnetic mosaics.

Check out our range of hanging decor.

Our mosaics make the perfect gift, for either yourself or a present for a loved one. Having a Blue Coast Mosaic in your home allows you to have a unique, handcrafted piece of Cornwall always around and special to you.

Go and find us on Facebook and Instagram. You can even tag us in a photo of Cornwall that inspires you, and you may get the chance to be featured on our story!

Please note – All of our designs in the Shop are made to order.

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